Mac address and ip address difference

The other version which is IPv6 is a bit address. Router is another vital networking device. It forwards data from one network to another depending on the IP address.

Key Differences Between MAC Address and IP Address

When a router receives a packet, it examines the IP address. If the packet is for its own network, it receives the packet.

If it is not, the router forwards the packet to the other network. Therefore, the router uses the IP address to take decisions on forwarding the packet to the correct destination. On the other hand, IP address is a numerical label assigned to each device connected to a computer network that uses the Internet Protocol for communication.

MAC address is also called the physical, hardware or ethernet address. On the other hand, IP address is also called the logical address, network or internet address. MAC address helps to uniquely identify the device while IP address helps to identify the connection of a device on the internet. MAC address is 48 bits 6 bytes long.

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What Is an IP Address?

Or if you have any other tips or explanations to add, share them with us. Just use the comment field below! Your email address will not be published. So if IP addresses are used to route traffic among networks, and MAC addresses uniquely identify devices connected to the router, then why do the devices on a LAN have IP addresses assigned to them by the router?

Should MAC addresses not be sufficient? Rob Nightingale.

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IP and MAC Address: What Are They Good For?

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Wi-Fi vs. WEP vs. The last 6 digits of a MAC address serve as an identification number for the specific device in question. For devices made with the same vendor prefix, each is assigned with their own specific bit number. Hardware from different vendors may turn out to share the same device section of the address.

Parts of an IP Address The numbers in an IP address are broken down into 2 parts: The network part indicates which networks the address pertains to The host part identifies the specific location An IP Address is the most essential element in the networking development which connects the various disparate parts of the World Wide Web into what we call the internet. There are 2 8X4 probable IPv4 addresses.

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