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Open Minecraft. Double-click the Minecraft app icon, which resembles a grassy block of dirt, then click PLAY at the bottom of the launcher. You may be prompted to log in with your Minecraft email address and password if you haven't opened Minecraft in a long time. Click Multiplayer. It's in the Minecraft menu.

What is it?

Click Add Server. You'll find this button in the lower-right side of the window.

Step 1: Download CraftBukkit

Enter a server name. In the "Server Name" text box at the top of the window, type in whatever you want to name your Minecraft server. Enter your computer's address. In the "Server Address" text box, type in your computer's static IP address. In some cases, you can also type localhost into this box; however, this won't work on all networks, so you should stick to entering your computer's IP address. Click Done. It's at the bottom of the window. This will create your server. Select the server. Click the server's name at the top of the window.

Click Join Server. This will open your server's world. Invite friends to join. You can do this by sending your public IP address to up to 19 of your friends and having them do the following: [1] Open Minecraft and click Multiplayer Click Direct Connect Enter your computer's public IP address not the local IP address that you enter to host the server. Disable your firewall if necessary. If your friends are unable to join your game, you may have to disable your computer's firewall. Keep in mind that this opens up your computer to attacks from intruders, so you should only do this when playing with trustworthy people.

The same way you do for an official server. Make a picture that is 64 x 64 pixels, customize it to your liking, save it as "server-icon," and make sure it's a. Then, drag and drop it to the root of your Minecraft server folder, and restart the server. Yes No. Not Helpful 0 Helpful 3. In the log and chat, type "op Player's Name ".

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If you want to be the admin, then type your name in. Not Helpful 27 Helpful Simply create a server with plugins like normal, then change the above setting. Not Helpful 51 Helpful Not Helpful 52 Helpful Regardless of the customization of my character, the skin won't appear. What's going on? The server may be offline -- if that's the case, no skins will be shown, since skins run through Minecraft. Not Helpful 16 Helpful What is my server address? What address do I give to my friends who want to join?

Does this work on a Mac? Your server address is your ip4 address and you give that to your friend. It does work on Mac. You can find your ip4 address in the advanced settings in your network preferences. Not Helpful 18 Helpful If you want the latest version of server program, then go to the official Minecraft website. If you want an earlier version, go to mcversions.

Create a new file in the server folder and name it "craftbukkit. Edit the file and put this into it:! In order to take full advantage of your new Bukkit server, you will need to download and install plugins. To install plugins, download them from the above web address. They come as. Under your server folder, there should be a folder named "plugins". Put the. Reload or restart the server. If you want your server to be accessible over the Internet, you will need to port forward.

What that means, is that when you try to connect to your server from somewhere else, the router will take that connection, and direct it to the server computer. Go to your router's configuration page.

How to Make a Minecraft Server on a Mac

I'll list some of the more common addresses for the configuration page. Once you are there, you will want to forward port to the server computer's IP address. Aplpy the changes To connect to your server over the internet, you will use the external ip address of where the server computer is. To find this, get on your server computer and Google "external ip". You will see it near the top of the page. If you are connecting to the server using another computer in your house, you will use the internal ip of the server computer. Reply 2 years ago.

How can I download the bukkit jar file? When I go to the official website and want to download it, it says page not found. I'm stuck! Feb 28, I know there are various posters but if you're following my idea look in the routing table of your router for the ip address I'm talking about. Or make it simple. Try the whole thing without a router. Mar 1, I don't get that! I have gotten the Ip but my friends can't play on it! I can but they can't! It just says for them failed to connect to the sever connection refudsed:connect. I have done everything.

Changed WAN to , the minecraft port.

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Put in the server ip in the server propities. Please help me! I have a Tp-link and the modle is WND. Mar 19, BTW, read the previous posts carefully OK, here's what you do: -Go to your web search provider using any device connected to your network, and type "what is my IP address".

Four strings of numbers, varying in length, and separated by dots, will show up. Give this to your server members. The first string of numbers is your internal IP address. Use this for connecting your "game" computer to the server, as well as any other computers connected directly to your router. Note that this up can change, so you will need to keep checking it and changing editing the saved server name accordingly also, only for computers directly connected to the router. Go to your internet browser and enter your external IP into the address bar, and hit Enter. If your router can be configured through an internet browser, the router setup page should pop up.

Take a screenshot of the page and post it on this thread. I will tell you where to go from there. NOTE: You still might not be able to allow your friends to connect, so just post what is on your router's setup page and I will help you finish your setup.

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However, you can try to let your friends connect at this point, but I don't know that it will work; It didn't for me. Mar 28, Apr 7, Apr 8, Help Hey, guys. I've been having sort of the same problem lately.

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I haven't been able to connect to any Minecraft servers for about a month. I had a list of at least ten servers and they all said, "Can't Connect to Server.

Choosing Your Server Version

He port-forwarded and everything, and I was able to connect to it just fine for the first few days, and then I couldn't connect anymore, unless I was using his laptop which is where we are hosting the server from. I don't know if this has anything to do with what is going on, but I thought I would just include that.

I can still connect to it if I use his laptop, and his laptop only. He also cannot connect to any servers other than our own. I can't think of any reason we can't connect. I know that he had to do some things with the router for port-forwarding, but, like I said, we were able to connect to other servers for a few days after that, and then everything went dead.

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