How to insert endnotes in word 2010 mac

You do not have to scroll down to the bottom of the page to read an endnote. Simply hover your mouse over the number citation in the document and the endnote is displayed as a small pop-up, much like a tool-tip.

Working with references in Word

You can decide how you want your endnotes numbered, either starting at number 1, a letter, or a Roman numeral. Microsoft Word defaults to Roman numerals. You can also have endnotes appear at the end of a section in your document. If your endnote is long and runs onto another page, you can have Microsoft Word insert a continuation notice. This notice will let readers know that it continued on the next page. Deleting an endnote is easy as long as you remember to delete the note citation within the document.

Deleting the note itself will leave the numbering in the document.

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When you insert endnotes, Microsoft Word also places a separator line between the text in the document and the endnote section. You can change how this separator appears or remove the separator. Now that you see just how easy adding endnotes to your document can be, it's certainly worth giving it a try it the next time you need to write a research paper or long document. Share Pin Email. Click at the end of the word where you want the endnote inserted. Select the References tab.

Click Insert Endnote in the Footnotes section. Microsoft Word shifts the document to the endnote area. Type your endnote in the Endnote text area. Follow the above steps to insert more endnotes or create a macro to assign a keyboard shortcut to insert endnotes. Choose the desired starting value in the Start at box. Choose End of Document to have the endnotes appear at the end of the document. Choose End of Section to have the endnotes appear at the end of each section.

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Choose a number format from the Number Format drop-down menu to change from the 1, 2, 3 numbering format to a lettering or roman numeral numbering style. Click Draft on the View tab in the Document View section. You must be in Draft view to complete this procedure. Insert your footnote.

Click Show Notes on the References tab in the Footnotes section. Alternately, you can simply remove the citations that are in text boxes to resolve this issue.

Add footnotes and endnotes in Word for Mac - Word for Mac

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Articles EndNote: Citation numbers out of order. Information Article.

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  8. Are your citations not starting with number 1, even though you're using a style that sorts the citations in the order of appearance? First, make sure the publication doesn't want a numbered style with an alphabetical bibliography.

    Add an endnote

    Styles that require this format are going to be numbered alphabetically at the end, preventing normal numerical progression through the document. In these cases, the numbering is not going to appear sequential in the document. If the selected Style is set to sort in the order of appearance, check to see if citation number 1 is in a text box within Word, such as within a figure legend or a caption underneath a figure.

    EndNote formats the citations appearing in text boxes first and will sort them at the top of your reference list. The suggested workaround is to convert the text boxes to frames:. Attachments Attachment 1. Attachment 2. Chatter isn't enabled or the user doesn't have Chatter access. admin