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In some cases, they may even insist that you use a particular generic font and not change default margins. Make sure you read their submission guidelines. One of our readers mentioned that he usually formats his books after he finishes writing. This is undoubtedly the best method in most cases. What we created in Part 1 was a basic template that you can use without any further formatting needed before you start writing.

Furthermore, if you are working for the publisher or are the publisher, the author might be someone else. In that case, you will take his or her text and prepare it. Basic page numbering is very easy in OpenOffice. You can then left, center, or right align it. In most non-fiction books, however, the page numbers are right aligned on the recto and left aligned on the verso.

The result is that page numbers are always on the farthest ends of the pages away from the spine.

The second problem to tackle is that page numbers normally start with the text, whereas the default numbering will start with your title page. This is where OpenOffice.

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While it is easy to add page numbers, the available variations are extensive. As I mentioned above, this particular part of layout is something that you must do after the book is completely finished, edited, reviewed, and ready for printing. Otherwise, you will most likely be wasting your time and will have to go back and make changes. There are three page layout buttons at the bottom of your window. The first shows you one page at a time. The second shows you pages side-by-side, and the third specifically shows you mirrored pages like that of a book.

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Click the third, and you should now have the title page by itself and then two pages mirrored throughout the rest of the document. Go to your first page of text before proceeding so that you can see the results.

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This is the important part. Under Offset enter the number of pages you just counted with a negative sign in front of it.

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Click Insert. If your first page of text now has the number 1, you are good to go.

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  • If not, undo and recount until you are satisfied. Page 2 should still be left aligned. Now all of your pages should alternate their page numbers properly. Home About Services Portfolio. Creating Unique Headers and Footers in Writer. Creating New Page Styles Open or create a multi-page document. Tip : To add new pages, use the Manual Break option from the Insert menu.

    How to Disable Bullets & Numbering in OpenOffice

    By using this method, you can also change the page number and choose the style for the new page. You will use this palette to create, modify, and remove pages styles from this document. Place your cursor on the first page of the document. In the Page Styles palette, right-click in the dialog and choose New… from the pop-up menu.

    On the Page Style dialog, choose the options for the page style and save changes by pressing OK. On the Header and Footer tab, make sure the options are turned on. Text for the headers and footers is not entered in this dialog. Tip: You may or may not want headers or footers active on the first page of a document. Repeat the above steps for however many pages styles your document requires.

    How to add line numbers to OpenOffice documents [Guide] | dotTech

    Applying Page Styles With your cursor on your first page, double-click on the name of the style you would like to apply to the first page. If the style has a header turned on, enter content in the header. Once you set a page style on one page, OOWriter automatically applies that same page to each subsequent page that does not have a style assigned. Go to the next page in the document.

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    Place your cursor on the page test. On the Page Styles palette, double-click the name of the next page style you wish to use. If headers are turned on, the header at the top of the page will be blank. Check the pages in the document. Later pages in the document should have the second page style you created. admin